A11 – Nadine Schwierz

Regulating RNA by Cations – Insights from Molecular Simulations

Positively charged cations are essential for the stability and function of RNA. In particular, changes in the local salt concentration or the type of cations present in solution immediately influence RNA regulatory elements and their regulatory functions. We will apply molecular dynamics simulations to elucidate the fundamental interplay of cations and RNA regulation. We will focus on the mechanism of ion selectivity and exchange for the example of an RNA G-quadruplex. In addition, we aim to resolve the mechanism of cation sensing of the guanidine-II riboswitch. More





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Co-Workers on RNA

Sergio Cruz-León

Ph.D Student

Molecular dynamics simulations on the effects of RNA and metal cations

Email: sergio.cruz@biophys.mpg.de

Twitter: @SergioCruzLeon1

ORCID: 0000-0003-1256-2206

Kara Grotz

Ph.D Student

Development of accurate force fields for Mg2+ in combination with RNA

Email: kara.grotz@biophys.mpg.de

ORCID: 0000-0002-3075-7958

Marijana Ugrina

Ph.D Student

Role of metal cations in regulation of RNA quadruplexes

Email: Marijana.Ugrina@biophys.mpg.de