A6 – Alexander Heckel

Light-responsive riboswitches and miRNA activity

In the upcoming funding period we will continue our collaborative search for a riboswitch against a photoswitchable small molecule and extend our ways to regulate microRNAs with light. In particular we will focus on methods to regulate microRNAs in inner organs of living organisms such as mice but also in plants in collaboration within the CRC. On top of that we want to perfect our tools for the photoregulation of RNA hybridization and apply them to the regulation of RNA G-quadruplexes. More






Goethe Universität Frankfurt
Max-von-Laue-Str. 7
60438 Frankfurt am Main

Building N160/416

Co-Workers on RNA

Patricia Müller

PhD. Student

Email: mueller@chemie.uni-frankfurt.de

Phone: +49(0) 69 798 42733

Building: N160/B413

Janik Kaufmann

PhD. Student

Photoregulation of RNA, green photocages, therapeutic oligonucleotides

Email: kaufmann@chemie.uni-frankfurt.de

Phone: +49(0) 69 798 42732

Building: N160/B412

Robin Klimek

PhD. Student

Nucleic Acid Chemistry

Email: klimek@chemie.uni-frankfurt.de

Building: N160/B402