A7 – Josef Wachtveitl

Molecular dynamics of RNA model systems studied by time-resolved optical and IR spectroscopy

The vital role of RNA structure and conformational dynamics for its biological functionality is increasingly recognized. Therefore we develop systems and methodologies to obtain a time- and site-resolved picture of the functional dynamics of various regulatory RNAs. Specific spectroscopic labels allow to monitor folding and hybridization dynamics. Photoswitchable RNA-ligand-systems based on azobenzene or spiropyran units or photocaged circularized RNAs provide the necessary spatial and temporal resolution to trigger and observe these processes and to elucidate the underlying mechanisms. More






Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
Max von Laue-Straße 7
Building N120/224
D-60438 Frankfurt am Main

Co-Workers on RNA

Christoph Kaiser


Structural RNA dynamics, Light-controlled RNA systems

Email: kaiser@theochem.uni-frankfurt.de

Phone: +49(0) 69 798 29448

Building: N120/227

Florian Hurter

PhD. Student

RNA binding dynamics

Email: hurter@theochem.uni-frankfurt.de

Building: N120/227

Konstantinos Stamatakis

SFB908 student speaker

Structual RNA binding dynamics, fluorogenic Aptamers

Email: stamatakis@theochem.uni-frankfurt.de

Phone: +49(0) 69 798 29635

Building: N120/215