A8 – Mike Heilemann & Erin Schuman

Quantitative mapping of synaptic proteins and mRNA in neurons & a nano-analytical platform to probe binding mechanisms of RNA-binding proteins

Synaptic activity is coupled to protein copy numbers, which vary and are regulated by the presence of mRNA and miRNA. We will develop a nano-scale imaging platform that will allow a comprehensive analysis of protein, mRNA and microRNA “localizome”, by visualizing multiple proteins and mRNA species in the same cell using single-molecule super-resolution imaging with large multiplexing capabilities. Next to localizing and quantifying protein and mRNA, we aim to develop tools that allow super resolution of molecules that regulate miRNA/mRNA, and newly transcribed proteins. In addition, we will develop a nano-analytical platform to study the mechanism of RNA-binding proteins binding to their target RNA sequence. This novel platform will allow the study of unmodified proteins, and provide information on binding equilibria and kinetics, sequence specificity, interaction with co-factors and the influence of mutations.



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Co-Workers on RNA

Dr. Hans Dieter Barth


Email: h.d.barth@chemie.uni-frankfurt.de

Nina Deußner-Helfmann

PhD. Student

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Ann-Christin Andres

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