A9 – Gerhard Hummer

Molecular Simulations of RNA Folding and Function

An emerging challenge in biophysical descriptions of RNA is to elucidate the connection between structure, dynamics and function in vivo. Recent experiments identified unexpected structuring in the RNA transcriptome, indicating regulatory roles for instance in splicing. A major aim of our project is to establish a bridge between secondary-structure prediction and high-resolution structural biology. In a hierarchical formulation using molecular mechanics and simulations, we will first construct extensive ensembles of single-stranded RNA and connect them to NMR, PELDOR and FRET experiments. By combining structured and unstructured segments, we then aim to gain insight into splice regulation on the SMN2 system characterized also experimentally. More




Hummer Group


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Max Planck Institut für Biophysik
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Co-Workers on RNA

Dr. Lukas Stelzl


Email: lukas.stelzl@biophys.mpg.de

Marcel Heinz

PhD. Student

Simulation of chemically modified nucleic acids

Email: marcel.heinz@biophys.mpg.de

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Lisa Pietrek

PhD. Student

Disordered Structural analysis of disordered biomolecules

Email: lipietre@biophys.mpg.de