B11 – Erin Schuman & Alexander Heckel

Erin Schuman
Alexander Heckel

New tools to study the dynamics of RNA and RNP distribution in neuronal cells

In the 2nd funding period, we were able to show that pre-miR181a is processed locally by Dicer upon local synaptic activity in neurons. This work demonstrated for the first time that miRNAs can be generated by extracellular signals (like neurotransmitters) in remote cellular regions like dendrites. In the upcoming funding period, we now want to fully understand this regulatory system – especially its spatio-temporal aspects. To this end we will design and apply probes for the quantitative super-resolution imaging of the key players of this regulatory system. In a second part of the project we will investigate a newly discovered process of active 3’-UTR shortening of mRNA in neuronal dendrites. We will try to control this process with light and visualize it in real-time upon external stimulation. More



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Erin Schuman


Goethe Universität Frankfurt
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Building N160/416

Max Planck Institute for Brain Research
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Co-Workers on RNA

Janik Kaufmann

PhD. Student (Schuman group)

Email: chao.sun@brain.mpg.de

Chao Sun

Postdoc (Schuman group)

Email: chao.sun@brain.mpg.de

Mantian Wang

PhD. Student (Schuman group)

Email: mantian.wang@brain.mpg.de