B14 – Julia Weigand

High-throughput identification of conserved structures in mRNAs

Post-transcriptional gene regulation is essential for cells to adapt to changing environmental conditions. Regulation at the mRNA level is mainly mediated by cis-regulatory elements encoded in UTRs. These are recognized by trans-acting factors dependent on sequence and/or shape. Similar to sequence conservation, the evolutionary conservation of a UTR’s structure thus reflects its functional importance. We will use this structural conservation to identify previously unknown cis-regulatory elements and establish a high-throughput screen for the parallel analysis of thousands of conserved 3’UTR structures in different cell types and under different stress conditions. The importance of trans-acting factors known to recognize mRNA structures will be tested globally for all functional motifs, and the best candidates characterized in detail. More






Technical University Darmstadt
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Stephen Peters

PhD. Student

Email: peters@bio.tu-darmstadt.de