B5 – Achilleas Frangakis

Visualization of the RNA-Polymerase III Complete Transcription Cycle and the Bacterial Expressome by Cryo-Electron Tomography

Latest discoveries show that the bacterial and eukaryotic RNA polymerases adopt a comparable active center conformation during transcription elongation. The next frontier is to understand the regulation of the enzymes in the other states and complete our understanding of their function. For the third funding period we aim to visualize the enzymes in their native state on the genes by cryo-electron tomography in order to understand the regulation of pausing, backtracking and in particular termination in our bacterial and eukaryotic systems. For this we will use „Miller-type“ spreads of the RNA Polymerase III transcribing 5S rRNA genes. In parallel we aim to visualize the interplay between the bacterial RNA Polymerase and the ribosome within whole or spread Mycoplasma cells. More





Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt
Institute of Biophysics
Max-von-Laue-Str. 15
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Co-Workers on RNA

Johanna Hake

PhD. Student

FIB-SEM and Electron Tomography

Email: hake@biophsik.org

Sina Manger

PhD. Student

Electron microscopy on RNA polymerase III

Email: manger@biophsik.org

Phone: +49(0) 69 798 46429

Building: BMLS/1.658