B7 – Robert Tampé

Control of mRNA translation and ribosome recycling by ABCE1

Our team has identified the fundamental role of the twin-ATPase ABCE1 in ribosome recycling in Eukarya and Archaea, which is the final – or first – step of the cyclic process of mRNA translation. We delineated the inner mechanics of ABCE1 during ribosome recycling and determined the structure of the ribosome-ABCE1 post-splitting complex. These studies uncovered the link between termination, ribosome recycling, and initiation. We now aim to describe the conformational dynamics of ABCE1 during ribosome recycling, the coordinated recruitment of initiation factors and the assembly of pre-initiation complexes after ribosome splitting. Our studies will provide fundamental insights into the coupling of termination, recycling, and initiation by the recycling factor ABCE1. More





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Co-Workers on RNA

Bianca Hetzert

PhD. Student

Control of mRNA translation by ABCE1

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Holger Heinemann

PhD. Student

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