B9 – Enrico Schleiff

The function of plant specific RNA and protein elements in ribosome biogenesis

Ribosome biogenesis involves many snoRNAs and proteins catalyzing rRNA maturation and modification as well as complex assembly. Although the general process is highly conserved in eukaryotes and well described, variations exist between the eukaryotic kingdoms. We identified several plant-specific snoRNAs and proteins e.g. involved in the regulation of the processing of the plant-specific 5’-5.8S pre-rRNA precursor. Here we will depict the function of these RNA and protein elements to decipher the mechanisms of the 5.8S centred ribosome maturation processes and of the plant specific events during ribosome biogenesis. More





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Co-Workers on RNA

Deniz Streit

PhD. Student

Ribosome biogenesis and RNA biology

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Thiruvenkadam Shanmugam

PhD. Student

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