Part A: Methods

Part A is devoted to the development and optimization of new methods for the investigation of RNA properties and function. These novel tools will be applied to understand the role of specific structural elements and conformational dynamics to induce regulatory functions of RNA, from model systems to riboswitch RNA. The developed tools will also be applied to systems defined in Part B, encompassing important RNA-protein complexes (RNP).

A1 – Harald Schwalbe

Conformational dynamics of RNA regulation elements studied by NMR spectroscopy

A2 – Beatrix Süß

Development and characterization of engineered riboswitches

A3 – Thomas Prisner

Structure and conformational flexibility of RNA studied by EPR spectroscopy

A6 – Alexander Heckel

Light-responsive riboswitches and miRNA activity

A7 – Josef Wachtveitl

Molecular dynamics of RNA model systems studied by time-resolved optical and IR spectroscopy

A8 – Mike Heilemann & Erin Schuman

Quantitative mapping of synaptic molecules within single neurons using correlated super-resolution and electron microscopy

A9 – Gerhard Hummer

Molecular Simulations of RNA Folding and Function

A11 – Nadine Schwierz

Regulating RNA by cations: Insight from MD simulations